Ascari Specialists

Specialist knowledge - direct from the production line 

When it comes to Ascari super cars, Grandstand Coachworks is unique in offering a highly specialised service: an in--depth understanding sourced directly from the factory production line itself.  We offer services ranging from recommissioning and annual service to body repair, engineering and bespoke track set-up.  With a detailed knowledge of how the Ascari Ecosse, FGT, KZ1 and A10 were manufactured, built and set up for road and track, Grandstand Coachworks are a one-stop shop for your Ascari.


June 2019 Ascari FGT & Ecosse Owners' Meet at Grandstand Coachworks

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Our Expertise

Our resident Ascari specialist brings with him an impressive 30 years of sports and race car engineering experience. His knowledge of the Ascari marque and supplier contact base for both the FGT/Ecosse and Ascari KZ1 is virtually unrivalled.

Grandstand Coachworks are able to provide for your Ascari in every way - from storage and after-care service, right through to safety checks, scheduled services, upgrades and full rebuilds.

Please contact us to discuss your Ascari and how we can help.

If you are a current or former owner of an Ascari or would like to stay informed about events and meets, we would like to hear from you. Our database of suppliers, contact with owners and knowledge of the cars is second to none.










Ascari Ecosse & FGT

One of the first cars - the Ascari FGT - was originally designed by Lee Noble and later developed into a GT race car campaigned by then owner Klass Zwart. Its best results came from the Silverstone British GT championship where it managed a number of podium finishes as well as the British GT championship. It even entered Le Mans between 1995 to 1997.

The road variant 'FGT' model had a race-derived steel tube space frame chassis clothed in a light weight unstressed GRP body shell. It weighed in the region of 1250kg powered by either the 5.7 litre Chevrolet engine or later a BMW V8 (4.0l). Ecosse variants ran a 4.4 litre, 4.7 litre and even a very rare 5.0 litre Dutch-built Hartge engine.

The Ascari Ecosse and Ascari FGT are incredibly rare.

  • Of the eight Ascari Ecosses ever built, six remain in the UK.

  • Even fewer Ascari FGT cars are in existence, one of which has been converted to Ecosse headlights.

  • Two Ascari FGTs that we know of are in the UK

  • Up to three Ascari FGTs are believed to be in the US.