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Discreet classic car storage in North Wiltshire

We offer comprehensive, discreet and secure storage for your classic car.  We are located in the South West of the UK within easy reach of a mainline Bristol-to-London train station at Chippenham. Our facility is north of Junction 17 of the M4 motorway.

Storage options start from £147.50/month.

Storage details


Oil checks, battery conditioning, tyre care, engine start-ups and mechanical maintenance can all be arranged.

Our facility is clean, dry and well insulated.

Delivery of your vehicle can be arranged to your home or to the track.
Arriving by train? We'll make sure your classic car has been prepared in advance and we can arrange to collect you from the station.

Our on-site technicians can carry out anything from an oil change to a full service so your classic car is ready when you need it.

Discreetly located in the heart of the countryside, we do not publicise the exact location of our storage facility. In addition to all the security measures you would expect our site is equipped with security bollards, proximity alarms and security lighting.

A dust cover, use of a battery conditioner and periodic tyre pressure checks are all included. We can offer periodic fluid checks and engine runs for a small additional charge. VAT does not apply.

Our sister company, Grandstand Coachworks, offers a dedicated classic car restoration service. We can re-build engines, repair accident damage, strip-down and re-spray bodies and even fabricate entire panels from scratch. Find out more.

Classic Car Restoration Projects For Sale


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Storage rates start with Plan A at £147.50/month. Your classic car will be stored in a generous bay, covered with a premium soft stretch dust cover and connected to a trickle charger. Periodic tyre pressure checks are also included.

Plan B at £185/month goes the extra mile with periodic fluid checks and an engine start-up to run it up to temperature to ensure it remains in good working order.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for more.



Q. Where will my vehicle be stored?

A.  Our storage facility is located in a large well-ventilated, insulated single-story building. We do not publicise our exact location for security reasons so please contact us for directions.

Q. Do you offer discounts if I store multiple vehicles?
A. We offer a discount for customers storing five cars or more for periods of 12 months or more.
Please contact us.

Q. How do I insure my car while it is in storage?

A. Although we have our own insurance policy to cover negligence, customers must arrange their own comprehensive insurance for their vehicle. You are responsible for notifying your insurance company that your car will be stored with us for the appropriate time frame.


Q. How much do you charge for storage?

A. Storage fees are published on our website. An additional charge may apply for larger vehicles and collection/delivery out of hours. Customers will be notified in advance of any changes to storage rates.

Q. Do you supply dust covers, trickle chargers and battery conditioners?

A. Yes. Dust covers and battery conditioners are included. We can also carry out periodic checks. See our price list above for details.


Q. How can I pay for my storage?

A. Monthly payments are arranged by Direct Debit via our payment system, “GoCardless”, which may be the description that appears on your bank statement depending on your bank.

Q. When can I access my vehicle?
A. You can access your classic car any time. We ask for notice of at least three days.


Q. Can I reserve my storage space?

A. If you want to take your car out of storage during the storage term, you will continue to be billed as normal in order to maintain your bay.


Q. What’s the minimum storage period?
A. The minimum storage period is 12 weeks.

Q. When can I deliver and collect my classic car?
A. Deliveries and collections are accepted during normal business hours between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday.


Q. My car has certain special requirements such as a starting sequence, hidden alarm or a recurring mechanical issue. How will this be dealt with?
A. We are well versed in the quirks of classic car ownership and hope we would be able to cope with most issues. We take detailed records prior to storage.


Q. My car is due an MOT, service or repair. Can this be arranged?
A. Yes. We can arrange for your classic to be MOT’d, serviced or repaired either on site or at a local partner garage. Please contact us for an estimate.


Q. What if my vehicle suffers any faults such as mechanical, electrical or other failures during the storage term?
A. We will contact you as soon as we become aware of an issue and can arrange for your car to be repaired accordingly. Unfortunately we cannot accept liability for faults or failures to your vehicle whilst stored in our facility.

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